Saturday, June 19, 2021

About RCME

Rotary club of Madras East meets on Wednesdays at 6.30 p.m. at Crowne Plaza Chennai. The club has 164 active members as on 15 August, 2019.

We have been emphasising on qualitative involvement in Rotary matters and maintaining high standards in the conduct of weekly meetings including high rate of attendance therein. Our monthly fellowships are a big draw. Family participation is core on which projects under Club Service have been fashioned.


Rotary Club of Madras East is part of Rotary district 3232 (newly divided), in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India.

The club was inaugurated on 3rd April 1985 and has held Rotary principles and values enviably high. The founding fathers gave it the character it retains even today while at the same time strongly believing in its need to evolve with passing time.

30 years down the road, you see a vibrant club, young at heart and face, happening and vivacious.

The women in Rotary, as part of the Inner Wheel, have been pursuing an active life, very supportive of the club’s activities. Often projects that have won accolades for the club, like the Paul Harris Cricket Carnival, would have been non-events without them being involved in actively.

‘Eastern Bridge’ has been a consistent offering since it started its circulation. Coming out every month and chronicling the events of the month, it is an excellent source of archival information on the club projects.

The club has been playing a very responsible role in the Rotary District and in the community that it functions in. It has gone about its job neatly networking the members and creating a pleasurable experience out of all its community related projects. With active support from the honorary members, it has often won critical acclaim for its various programmes. It has made the community feel the useful role that it has been playing.

The club has been in the thick of action conducting programmes and running projects that are pertinent and of value to the beneficiaries. Additionally, it has been holding for several years in a row, national events like – National Fair on Water Management in Agriculture, Bio Mass (waste reduction, reuse & recycling), Energy ’91 (conservation & alternative sources), Green Expo (balancing development & environment issues), Green Earth ’94 (population, pollution & poverty), Food Security Expo ’96, Millennium Fair – 99, with the help of our Honorary member the world renowned scientist Dr. M.S. Swaminathan and elderly statesman Sri. C. Subramaniam, the former Governor of Maharashtra.

There has been a balanced foray into all avenues of service.

The RCC at Nandiambakkam, the Rotaract Club of Bharathi Women’s College and the Interact Clubs at National Public School, Kesari Higher Secondary School, Little Flower Matriculation School are the club’s pride.

The Rheumatic Heart Ailment Prevention project initiated by Honorary Member Late Dr.Solomon Victor for the Corporation School children was very successful and led to the Corporation and Government adopting it at a much larger level, jointly with Rotary. The club members and families are active at Pulse-Polio immunisation centres. Rotary’s highest contribution to the world, till date, is the vaccine for polio immunisation.