Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My dear Rotarians,

Many expressed surprise when it was mentioned that a few members were hundred percenters for for the last decade ago some for over three decades.
It is not difficult to maintain that record. Now we have many ways of maintaining that distinction.
1. Schedule Wednesday evening for Rotary.
2. Spend time where ever you are watching the web cast our program.
3. Attend project meetings/project inauguration.
4. Visit sister club in Chennai or any where in the world within‚Äčthe time frame of fourteen days before the meeting or after the meeting.
5. Attending board meeting of the club ( if you see a board member).
6. Attend district meetings.
7. Attending District conference.
8.  Rotary International convention.
9. Any time of the day or night attend any e-club’s
Website and spend more than half an hour from your home or hotel room if you are traveling.
With so many options available it is easy to be a hundred percenters.
I challenge to to join this band of hundred percenters this year.

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