The inception of the club or rather the birth of this 32 year old club-The rotary club of Madras East, is an annual event celebrated with much aplomb and fanfare. As usual, as is customary with the club, every president deems it his or her sacred duty to make this night more and more special. That being the case, President Ananth was no different.

The evening started with the president’s address, which was delivered eloquently and from the heart. It was a warm speech thanking the past presidents for laying the foundation for the future to be built on. Today, we stand as one of the premier clubs in District 3230, and one must agree with President Ananth, when he laid the credit at the feet of the past presidents.

Just because it was a celebration, RCME didn’t deviate from the course of offering an intellectual stimulus to the whole evening. President Ananth and Past secretary Babu Krishnamoorthy, with the help of Rtn. Mansoor, organized a quiz as a way of recognizing the Presidents of the past.  As the crowd guessed the name amidst recollection and memories rekindled, the newcomers sat amazed at the quantum of work and effort taken by the club to stand where it does today.

And it was indeed a sweet gesture to have the green Rotarians present the past presidents with a rose.

The evening was one of thanksgiving and recognition as the resident thanked each and every member who has contributed to the club this year apart from his board of directors. A picture speaks a thousand words–and that’s what the gift did. It was a picture of the most memorable personal moment captured and framed and presented to us. On behalf of all of us, Thank You President, Secretary and Rtn. Divya for this cherished memento.

And then the fun began…A dance night with the DJ mixing eclectically Hindi, English and Tamil numbers to get the crowd dancing. And dance we did. In good cheer and high spirits RCME was entertained on the stage and in the food counters.

Talking of  food. Rtn. Srinivasa Rao and Crowne Plaza outdid themselves. With 32 different items, in deference to the 32nd anniversary, on the menu from across the southern states…it was a treat to the palate. The spread was so extensive that an evening should have been dedicated just to that to do it justice.

A fun evening spent with friends and family. A pleasant walk down memory for many and a great learning experience for some, The Charter Night 2017 was a grand success.

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