Weekly Meeting

    27th September 2017 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
    Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park

    The Speaker Ms.Shyamala Nataraj will speak on:

    Equipping the Vulnerable Children

    Ms. Shyamala Nataraj is a well-known pioneer in HIV/AIDS prevention and care in Tamil Nadu and in India. She started her career as a journalist with the Indian Express and went on to write on When HIV was first identified in India she proposed an innovative solution to the World Health Organization (WHO), to mainstream it within the development sector. The idea was accepted and she was elected an Ashoka Fellow in 1992. In the same year, she set up the South India AIDS Action programme (SIAAP), to develop and lead the response to HIV. Today, India and Tamil Nadu are globally recognized as models of HIV prevention and care. In 2005, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, as one of a group of 1000 women globally recognized for their contributions. In 2006, she received The Lifetime Achievement award from the Government of Tamil Nadu.

    Taking a break from activism, she went away to Australia to pursue a Masters and later a PhD in public health. Since her return, she has turned her attention to effective solutions to enable young people from vulnerable backgrounds to become more capable, responsible, and productive as individuals, members of families and communities, and citizens of India.

    AGENDA for 2nd Aug 2017

    Weekly Meeting - 04-07-2018
    1830 hrs:High Tea
    1900 hrs:Meeting called to Order
    1901 hrs:Silent Invocation
    1902 hrs:Welcome address by President
    1907 hrs:Birthdays & Wedding Anniversaries
    1910 hrs:Announcements
    :IPP Rtn. B.S.Purshotham - District Award Recoginition
    :Paul Haris Football Tournamnet - Rtn. Mansoor
    :Rtn.Ajay Singh daughter wedding invite announcement
    :Other Announcements if any
    1922 hrs:Introduction of Speaker - Col R Hariharan
    1925 hrs:Speaker - Col R Hariharan will speak on "SOME MEMORABLE MOMENTS IN MILITARY INTELLIGENCE"
    1955 hrs:Honouring the Speaker
    1956 hrs:Secretary's Announcements
    1958 hrs:Vote of Thanks by Rtn. Deepak Menon
    2000 hrs:Meeting Adjourns

    Yours in Rotary
    Rtn. Paparao Nalluru
    Secretary 2017-18
    Email: secretary@rcme.in

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