Weekly Meeting – International Night

    14th March 2018 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
    Crowne Plaza

    AGENDA for 14th MARCH 2018

    Weekly Meeting - 14-03-2018
    1830 hrs:High Tea
    1900 hrs:Meeting called to Order
    1901 hrs:Invocation Song by Ms Sandra Godwin
    1903 hrs:Welcome address by President
    1913 hrs:a) Honour the Chief Guest Mr Hyung Tae KIM by Rajesh Shankar Chairman Intl Village School
    :b) Honour the Spouse of Chief Guest Mrs Mi Ran KIM by Lalitha Shankar- Trustee Intl Village School
    :c) Bouquet to Ms. Maya Thiagarajan by President Rtn. Purshotham
    :c) Bouquet to Mr. Michele Dirksen by President Rtn. Purshotham
    :c) Bouquet to Mrs and Mr Rajesh by President Rtn. Purshotham
    1918 hrs:About the International Night by District International Services Director PP Rtn. N.S.Udaykumar
    1921 hrs:Introduction of the speaker Ms. Maya Thiagarajan by Rtn. Ravi Venkataramani
    1923 hrs:Speech by Ms. Maya Thiagarajan
    1933 hrs:Introduction of Mr. Michele Dirksen by Rtn. Yogesh Nahar
    1935 hrs:Speech by Mr. Michele Dirksen
    1945 hrs:Introduction of the Chief Guest-Mr Hyung Tae KIM by Rtn. Lankalingam
    1947 hrs:Speech by the Chief Guest - Mr Hyung Tae KIM-Consul General,Republic of Korea
    2007 hrs:Mementos to the Chief Guests & Speakers by President Rtn. Purshotham
    2009 hrs:Secretary's Announcements
    2010 hrs:Vote of Thanks by PP Rtn. J Balaraman
    2013 hrs:Meeting Adjourns
    Yours in Rotary
    Rtn. Paparao Nalluru
    Secretary 2017-18
    Email: secretary@rcme.in

    Hi-Tea MENU