Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Fellowships have always been a strong forte at RCME. We believe Fellowship brings bondage between Rotarians and their respective families. This comradeship has helped this family of RCMEians grow stronger which has is is attracting more high-profile members in our folds. The attrition at RCME has always been the least, which speaks for value of this club and its activities.

For this Rotary Year, The Club Service team under its director Rtn.U.Balashanmugham, guided by a dynamic committee is going all out to bring the Rotarians and their families even closer. More focus will be given in bringing Annettes and also the parents of the Rotarians bond much closer and make the families understand the value of this club and the great projects done by RCME.

We believe the close bondness of pur Rotarians will bring our members much more closer and will pave way to achieving much larger projects and help the society much larger and also in more efficientmanner.

Several avenues of fellowship is planned for the different section of Rotarians and their family members.

  1. Bi-Monthly Fellowship & Special Fellowship Events

  2. Special Power Speaker Meetings empowering Rotarians and their family members.

  3. Fireside Meetings in two concepts of Hosted & Potluck with small gathering are planned for cohesive bonding with families of Rotarians.

  4. Two International Fellowship Tours

  5. Many Domestic Mini Fellowship tours with maximum of 35 heads each. Most of these tours will have free or subsidised rooms and will be at very attractive costing. Each of these tour will be concentrated for different section of age group.

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