Dear All,

Greetings to the RCMEians,

It is that time of the year, when leadership in Rotary changes world over . There is a saying,  “Leaders may change but leadership doesn’t change in Rotary”. It is so true, when it comes to RCME with such seamless transition.  The Installation function on 28th June 2017 was well attended by over 400 people, a sort of record attendance! Even more heart warming was the presence of RCMEians in large number.  The District officials and other invitees too attended in good number. The District Governor Rtn. R. Srinivasan and the first lady Ann Sujatha were gracious enough to join us for dinner after Installation.

The Installation unction was very grand with emotional speech by  Ananth followed by Sudars  brilliant Presentation! The Directors Introduction was also very well done , in usual RCME  style, due to the efforts of Rams Kalyan , Janaka and  Mansoor apart from Aruna and Mahidhar. This was followed by a Mega Dinner spread with 33 items signifying 33rd year of the club. The Guests and Visiting Rotarians, were in total awe of the proceedings and all praise for the club.  The Installation committee consist of Chairman M.Srinivasan,  Vasudha, Haritha and Srinivasa rao .

The first day of the Rotary Year commenced with a tree plantation at Officers Training Academy, where in all city clubs met and planted one tree each. It was a auspicious beginning, i thought !

I also wish to inform you that a GST Seminar conducted on 23rd June 2017, as part of fund raising activity,  was a big success with over 200 participants. The Mowbrays hall was full until the evening and the participants thoroughly enjoyed and got value for their money.  There was some apprehension, when we charged Rs 5000/- for the program, that its expensive. Thanks to the support from the members of RCME, the delegate registration touched the magical mark of 200. While the final figures are under reconciliation, I estimate a surplus of Rs 12 lakhs . All this is possible due to the committee consist of, Rtn.Ravi Shankar, Rtn.RMN, Rtn.Gopal, Rtn.NK Rajendran, Rtn.M. Srinivasan, Rtn.Neelu, Rtn.Ravi Venkat Ramani, Rtn.Babu Krishna Moorthy, Rtn.Venkata Krishnan.

We also got sponsorship from Rtn.Sai, Rtn.Ravi Venkat Ramani, Rtn.Rajmohan, Rtn.Venu, Rtn.Ramesh Anantha Krishnan, Rtn.Ravi Shankar, Rtn.Ashwin Rathod and Rtn.RMN.

Another important development, even before my taking over was closing up of one Global Grant Project amounting to Rs 40 lakhs or  US $ 60000/-.  Thanks to Rtn.Ananth and Rtn.RMN, who together made possible to get a grant of USD 15000 from IPG Rtn.Natrajan Nagoji,  about a week ago, with a challenge to complete the paper work  and file before 28th  June 2017. The challenge was promptly accepted and accomplished in true RCME style with in a period of four days. This must be one of the fastest global grant projects ever to complete all paper work in four days. !  Here, I must acknowledge the tremendous effort and hard work put in by Dr Vasudha, who has taken the dual responsibility of Director Community Health and Global Grant Chairman. She worked non stop to make it possible. Of course, the funding and implementation part still remains, which may start a month or two later, after the approval from Rotary Foundation.

Bala, the Club service Director is working on multiple fellowship tours and very innovative family participation to keep the members of 146 strong, engaged and energised.  As you know International fellowship committee , led by Rtn.Sreedhar Reddy is working on an overseas trip to Bali between August 10th to August 15th. The committee is working on the tour for close to five months and are doing a tremendous job . We have 125 bookings within  few days of announcement of the trip. They are all excited and looking forward to the trip with great enthusiasm.

Fabulous inputs for the trip are shared by Rtn.Gurumukh and Rtn.Raghu. Rtn.Radhika, VAR and Rtn.Sai form the back bone of the tour committee.  Our ever dependable Rtn.Kumar Ashirwatham with his Company Albotross is the travel agent. Rtn.Kumar, is going out of the way, to accommodate various requests and make the trip memorable for the members and their families.

Recognising the potential of the club, where in it is difficult to accommodate all or even most of the members in one trip, Rtn.Bala is planning multiple short fellowship tours. This month from  21st July to 23rd July, a trip to Pondicherry is arranged for a maximum of 35 on first come first serve basis.  The venue for the stay is The Big Beach, a club Mahindra Resort, needless to say they are the best in business. The best thing about these short trips is,  Rtn.Bala has worked for several months to gather from members their unused/ un-utilised holidays in resorts such as Sterling Resorts and Club Mahindra to pool room credits for these short trips and make the trip very cost effective. Hence, the members may end up  only paying  for their food and transport and if needed, very nominal charges for stay, which would be a big saving.

Hence, i request members to  register  to  these short duration trips, which are planned only for week ends. Such outing for few days will enhance the fellowship and bonding and at the end of the trip, we will know each other much better. PP Rtn.Shivram and PP Rtn.Ballu contributed to Rtn.Bala’s effort by speaking to the management of these resorts. Sincere appreciation to all those members, who gave up their valuable room credits days for the sake of RCME.

Members may know we are coming up with monthly Rotary Magazine , instead of weekly Bulletin , from this year onwards. The weekly Bulletin, be it online or print was in vogue from the beginning of RCME. However, the advent of social net workings, such as WhatsApp and face book , quickened the process of communication.  Whenever a project or event happens, members immediately share the same on real time so the incentive to read the same stories again in weekly Bulletins dwindled. The improving technology also enabled us to capture the number of people reading the online weekly Bulletin in 16-17, which is quite discouraging and depressing to the committee behind the efforts. Taking into account all these factors, it was decided to come up with Monthly Magazine of 40 pages. Led by PE Ram, a large committee is working on this magazine and I am  confident  this will increase the patronage . The contents are going to be both Rotary as well as Non Rotary. Rtn.PE Ram assured me that the magazine quality will be of highest order. I am also told that there is opportunity for advertisements and any member interested to advertise their products may contact Rtn.PE Ram.

I also wish to inform you that Mr N.Srinivasan, has agreed to address our club on 12th July at our  regular weekly meeting.  It is the first of the power speaker series for the year. Request you all to mark your date and not miss this evening.

All in all its a good beginning and I look forward to a great year and keep up the momentum generated by IPP Rtn.Ananth with fullest co-operation from each one of you !

With best wishes to each of you to serve humanity and make a difference.

Thanks and Regards

Yours in Rotary

BS Purshotham
President 2017-18
Rotary Club of Madras East


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