Greetings to all !

As I pen down my thoughts for the month,  I  proudly recall the various projects carried out by  our members in these five months. It prompted even the District Governor to casually remark that we can afford to relax for the rest of the year !! This is an amazing feeling as President of the club. This is only possible due to the passion and commitment of our members for making a difference.

The high light of the month was the inauguration of our first Global Grant project ,   donating equipments for the preterm babies of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Kanchi Kamakoti Child’s Trust Hospital (KKCTH) .The project was very  heart warming and makes a difference to the lives of the parents and the children. The value of the project is around Rs 40 lakhs ( US $ 59564/-) with Rotary Club of San Antonio, USA and its District 5840.  You will be surprised to note that our club’s contribution was just  US$ 16153, of the total. This shows the leverage  one can do  through Global Grant scheme, by liberal contribution to Rotary Foundation. Kudos to Vasudha, Mansoor and the entire GG team for their efforts in making it happen.  The media has given a wide public image for our club. Thanks  to the efforts of Balaji for his tremendous follow up.  The second Global Grant project costing another Rs 40 lakhs is due for inauguration in the month of December with Public Health Centre. RCME is also planning to donate Computer Integrated Machines for the polytechnic students of RKM, estimated to cost US $ 1,09,000/-. Raghu our NRI member from Switzerland along with Mr Mahadevan ( Ravi Venkat ramani’s FIL) did due diligence of the project .

The second high light of the month was two excellent speakers in our meetings with Honourable Minister Mr K. Pandia Rajan being present in our joint meeting of region 2 clubs and the other was  Mr Arun Krishna Murthy,  founder of Environment Foundation of India. Both gave eloquent speeches captivating the audience with the content and articulation.

The Science film festival along with Goethe Institut and Environmental Foundation of India
(EFI ) was launched in India for first time, for the benefit of schools. I had the privilege of sharing the dais along with IIT Director Mr Baskar. The students get an opportunity to learn science in a  fun and enjoyable way.  This event was also covered in the press giving wide publicity to our club.

The Thoraipakkam Vocational training institute is taking shape slowly but steadily. The steering committee consisting of Ananth, Shiv, Param and Uday are doing an outstanding job. Corporate such as  Grundfos, Fresh Works and Ford promised substantial contribution for meeting our OPEX for  next couple of years. The implementation committee is also being put in place with young Turks of RCME forming a team.  With all things falling in place, we will soon see the launch of a  top class training centre.

Wings to Fly, Edition 3 commenced in November with Prabhuram putting in a lot of hard work and dedication ably mentored by VAR and Magesh. In the second stage, DC Education Mrs Maheswari attended and actively participated in the program . She also surprised us with her presence at the convocation function of our Bhemmanapet Community College, next day, when our Dr Aravindan presided.  All other programs like Blood Donation, Medical Camps, Idhayaganam etc are being carried on regularly by the dedicated members of our club. Preparation for our much awaited Paul Harris Cricket Carnival is under way and 25 to  30 members of our club are on a fellowship trip to Goa, organised by Bala.

It’s  been a privilege and honour to be leading this club with such committed and passionate members making all the difference.

Yours in Rotary

President – 2017 – 18