In the Centennial year of The Rotary Foundation, President Ananth and his team set themselves a great task and embarked upon two projects totally worth US$ 100,000. One of the project is in the avenue of Health care and with an institution that RCME has already supported in the past and doing great service in their field as a NGO

The objective of this Global Grant was to identify a deserving beneficiary and provide medical equipment that will enhance the current conditions and help in providing better care with better facilities.

Beneficiary hospital- The Hindu Mission Hospital is a well established Non Governmental Organisation, which is well known for its transparency and accountability. HMH is a non-profit, multi-specialty, tertiary care hospital.

The equipment being provided are 3 nos of Aneasthesia Workstations for the operation theatres. The Hospital has 9 OTs. The equipment we provide will benefit patients undergoing (i) general surgery including maxo-facial and urology (ii) orthopaedic surgeries and (iii) women undergoing gynaecological surgeries

A committee was formed with Rtn.Shanthakumar as the Project chair and began discussions with the beneficiary hospital and identified the actual need by visiting the hospital and studying the facilities available. RCME will act as treasurer of the project, monitor the receipt and payments, confirm delivery of equipment to specification, monitor and report utilization of the equipment to all stake holders. RCME will also strive to increase the visibility for this initiative and the role of Rotary Foundation through new (social) and traditional media and to other clubs in the district.

Rotary Club of San Antonio (RC SA) is our international partner on this project. This club had earlier partnered with us on the Oorapakkam School project as part of Last year`s Global Grant and were happy to partner with us again.

The project cost is as follows:

Amount in Rs. Amount in USD
Anaesthesia Workstation Wipro GE Healthcare 21,90,000 32,206
Patient Monitor Philips Healthcare 8,19,000  12,044
Contingency 2,00,000 2,941
Total 32,09,000 47,191


The following details gives a breakup on contributions that made up the total cost of the project:

Contributor % of Project cost
Dist 3230 13%
RCME 25%
RC San Antonio and Dist 5840   7%
Rajan & Ragini Raghavan Family Foundation 16%
The Rotary Foundation ( Matching grant) 40%


The Power of TRF can be well recognised when doing a Global grant and members who have contributed to TRF can be happy that for every hundred rupees they contributed, TRF contributed Rs.50.

The negotiation and purchase of the equipment required expert intervention to ensure, right product at right cost. The team is grateful to Rtn Dr.Aravindan and his team at kauvery hospital, who held several meetings with the vendors and arrived at a very attractive price making every rupee count.

We also take pride in informing our members that the hospital has come forward to name the ICU in honour of our club, in recognition of the support provided by our club over a period. The naming of ICU will also happen on the same day and our Dist Governor will unveil the same.

This project is slated for inauguration on May 31, 2017. The team comprising of Shanthakumar,

R M Narayanan, Radhika S,  Meenakshi Sundaram, P E Ram, President and Secretary are looking forward to the presence of all its members and Anns on this occasion and make the event a success.