RCME seems to have this habit of always doing things better than before – I don’t like this… it is never easy for the next chairman of any project or event, you see…Look at the venue, Grand Chola; I have only driven past this place. In every fellowship, we have an interesting photo booth but Unjal was traditional and novel. 20 years ago, Sridevi and I sat in a make shift Unjal (read as chairs) during our wedding. Janaka and team took us on a time travel, isn’t it?

I could easily write couple of pages on our hosts. They really set the tone and lead by example – be it attire or courtesy – truly outstanding. We take dress code quite seriously, don’t we? If am not exaggerating, it was like walking into a silk fashion show, except that we all started jaywalking at some point – few drinks and its a no brainier.

I bet the live music and choice of songs was the real highlight of the evening – it was an interesting build up-melodies, semi-classical, disco, and finally our kuthu numbers. Those who were not dancing were just relaxing as they enjoyed our dance(!!), the brilliant spread of food with fine music and friends – so many good things packed together. And, you could not have left without that thoughtful and creative gift. What a smashing fellowship, Sir Ji!