At RC Madras East, the theme for the year is ‘Empower the Girl, Energize the World’ and this has helped to focus all energies in identifying projects that go in line with the theme.
Four food carts (Kathir Kiosks) were launched on 19th July 2018 as part of our Community Services Development initiative, to support women from economically underserved communities. The first, of the 5 cart project, was launched earlier on 28 June 2018; the recipient of the Kathir kiosk, Satyavani, a mother of three girls, is already transforming into a confident and successful entrepreneur. RCME has contributed to the cost of the five kiosks, their fabrication, the utensils and other essential supplies and has enabled these women to take that bold step towards financial independence and entrepreneurship.
ECO Kitchen’s Kathir is a food retail entrepreneurship program that provides livelihood opportunities to needy and deserving women across Chennai. The women buy meals from ECO Kitchen at a subsidized cost and re-sell it at a profit thus earning a daily income of Rs.300-Rs.400/day by working for just few hours. The food is delivered at the sales point by ECO Kitchen. The women are trained and constantly mentored by the expert team at ECO Kitchen. In addition, the Lady Rotarians and Anns of Rotary Club of Madras East have come forward to hand hold and guide these women entrepreneurs to stay motivated and engaged with the program. This will be achieved by conducting mini workshops every month at ECO Kitchen.

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