Dear Ever Serving Leaders,

All of you will be taking over the responsibilities of leadership in your Club soon. First, my best wishes to you, the leaders who will reverberate our Rotary International President Rtn. John F. Germ’s theme “Rotary Serving Humanity”.

As Ever Serving Leaders, it is important for all of you to serve humanity, keeping in mind Rotary International’s six areas of focus:

Peace and conflict prevention/resolution.
Disease prevention and treatment.
Water and sanitation.
Maternal and child health.
Basic education and literacy.
Economic and community development.

The success of your leadership revolves around creating opportunities for your members to serve humanity through your projects. As much as creativity and innovation in projects inspire us to serve the community, let us not forget to support signature projects existing in your clubs, that have been consistently successful in delivering the needs of the community.

It is also important for you as a leader to work closely with the membership development chairman, to promote and provide an opportunity for those who haven’t embraced Rotary, by inviting them to join your club and serve humanity.

The Rotary year 2016-2017 is the year we celebrate 100 years of The Rotary Foundation, that started off with just USD26.50, now holding billions through contribution from Rotarians, with the sole purpose of serving humanity all over the world. As Ever Serving Leaders, I urge you to spread the word, on the good work Rotary has done to needy communities of this world. Do not shy away from asking people to donate to The Rotary Foundation, for worthy causes that Rotary does.

As chosen Rotary office bearers, let us lead to uphold the theme of our year “Rotary Serving Humanity”.

First lady of the district Ann. Nandini and I, wish each one of you and the Rotary family members, an eventful,fruitful and enjoyable year in serving humanity.

Yours in Rotary

nagojiRtn. Natarajan Nagoji
District Governor 2016-17.