Interact Installation on July 13th at 1:15 PM

From the word go, New Generation Director Rtn. Sujatha planned this event with great passion well in advance. It is indeed a wonderful sight to see Rtn. Sujatha & Sai developed great bondage with NPS students, principal, teacher and support staffs. It was indeed a rare sight when I saw few past interactors dropped in to attend the session and exhibited how much of influence RCME’s helped their development.

NPS is one school which is a dream to work with for any New Generation team RCMEian. NPS interact new board already  in auto pilot mode delivered a stellar installation event on 13th July starting from debriefing of accomplishment delivered in 2016-2017 and continued with introduction of new  board members in a well organized professional manner. Principal Maya Ramakrishnan   appreciated RCME’s effort and elaborated on influence of RCME’s involvement in NPS interactors development.

RCME president B.S. Purshotham pinned the incoming interact club president Anusha Anandha Kumar and key board members. RCME president inspired the student with relevant life examples of students achieved greater things in life against odds. From the applause we heared after the president’s speech we could surely confirm NPS interactors motivated to perform both educational as well on the social scene. Fellow Rotarians Secretary Papa Rao, Past President M.Srinivasan, Director Sujatha , Srini 100 and Mentor Sai pinned the other team members. In her acceptance speech, interact president articulated their plan for coming year which consists of number of projects in environment well being, social enrichment and personal development. Meeting concluded with Vote of Thanks by Interact Vice President

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