Dr. K V. Thiruvengadam Award 2019 – Health Care

A very large turnout befitting this prestigious award set the tone for this year’s award being presented to the deserving Prof. C.M.K. Reddy.

After a beautifully rendered invocation song, Rtn Dr. Aravind of Cauvery hospitals- the main sponsor felicitated his teacher Dr. K. V. Thiruvegadam with a shawl.

Welcome address by RCME President Gopalakrishnan was followed with a bumper collection of sunshine for birthdays and anniversaries from the large gathering of Rotarians, Anns and Annettes.

After the cake cutting by Dr. K. V. T., Rtn Reshma Budhia informed the gathering on the history of the award since 2006 and mentioned few of the deserving awardees.

Rtn Dr. Aravindan an Alumni of Stanley Medical college at the podium then related few key facts about his teacher Prof. C.M.K. Reddy who was a big hit because of his witty jokes and his classes were full also due to the fact that lots of girls attended! Achievements included his surgical videos which were a hit all over the Country as it was unheard of in those days to divulge their successful technique to others. He conducted the first kidney transplantation at a Govt hospital, was the Hon. Surgeon to the Vice President of India and most important of all- imparted free training to surgeons and did free surgeries to those who could not afford private hospital fees.

Rtn Alok Saraogi read out the citation before it was formally handed over to Prof. C.M.K. Reddy by Dr. K.V.Thiruvengadam.

Special invitee Kalai Maamani Kutty Padmini next regaled the gathering with her quip that despite having never been schooled, was called to thousands of schools and colleges to be their Chief guest! She then added – help someone and the Cosmic universe helps you. She admired Rotary for this selfless help to people all over the World.

Rtn Dr. Aravindan of Cauvery hospital and sponsor of the evening enlightened the gathering on the process of selection by Dr. KVT-

  1. Not only being a good Dr., but also imparting knowledge by sacrificing personal time and spreading the art of medicine to the next generation.
  2. A Dr. who apart from their routine work also allocate considerable time for free surgeries for those who cannot afford it.
  3. For the benefit of society do all within their power for the upliftment of the underprivileged by setting up labs etc.

Dr. KVT in his address started with- very good surgeons cannot be good teachers and vice-versa, but Prof C.M.K. Reddy is a combination of both! His enthusiasm to teach students continued even in the college canteen where he fielded all questions put to him by students. For surgeries where most of the patients were fearful, they found Prof Reddy most lovable for his wit and humour. At the young age of 75, there is so much more expected of him…

Prof C.M.K. Reddy started his talk by informing us that curing disease is a question of mind over matter- if you don’t mind, it does not matter!!

A good surgeon needs 3 attributes- facts, skills and attitude. The number one reason for court cases in medicine is lack of communication from the surgeon to patients. When asked where to locate the recovery room in a hospital the Prof suggested next to the billing section!

He lamented the fact that in India where you cannot drive a car without a license, medicine can still be practised by quacks because of a lack of updating of licenses in medicine. He went on to crack a joke on how Govt. pension was refused to a retiree because he could not produce his certificate of being alive for the years 2017 & 18 in the year 2019!

His presentation on how to cope with stress was a super hit with joke after joke in rapid succession, for which a written report cannot do justice- you should have been there to enjoy it!

Chief guest Nawabzada Mohammad Asif Ali has promised to save his 12 mins speech for our next meeting that he is invited for, but very warmly praised Dr. KVT for his humanitarian attributes knowing him for many years as their Dr. and close friend.

Mementos in the form of paintings made by our very own Ann. Varalakshmi Badri were next distributed and announcements made of the upcoming trip to Beijing, RYLA on 18-19 Oct, meeting for a music fest on 23rd and tickets for a violin concert in Music academy for 1st Nov. The vote of thanks finally ended a momentous Dr. KVT award function with all returning home with smiles on their faces and minds devoid of stress.