Ramakrishna Mission Polytechnic College – Computer Integrated Manufacturing System(CIMS) – Global Grant – Machines & Robots! – April 18, 2018

Every year, RCME has worked hard to go one step further of earlier projects executed by the club in terms of scope, scale and service. This year, the global grant team has taken upon itself to execute some fantastic projects.  Right from Public Health Centre and Child Trust Hospital, to RKM and V-Excel, each project has addressed a key current social development need.

Today, India is one the youngest nations in the world and is adding almost 16 million people to the workforce every year. That being said, there still is a huge gap in the availability of skilled labour in the market today. According to the NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) only about 5% of the total workforce in India has received some sort of skill training.

Ramakrishna Mission (RKM) helps bridge this gap by providing a three-year polytechnic course to students from underprivileged backgrounds with a focus on providing them with employment ready and industry relevant skills and education. RKM has provided diploma courses to underprivileged students since 1932 and has a successful track record of placing students in reputed companies in the industry.

RKM & RCME have had a long-standing relationship starting from conducting Idhayagaman at RKM to donating major laboratory equipment in 2015, and a Global Grant in 2016. So when it was decided that RCME would do a Global Grant to address the gap in Vocational Education, RKM’s dedication to this cause and its track record made it our natural partner.

‘Machines and Robots’ is a Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) project will provide the RKM trainees and students with latest and futuristic manufacturing technology skills, and the RKM CIM lab will be a state-of-the-art showcase facility for other vocational training institutions to aspire towards and emulate for their own programs.

The grant worth INR 70,00,000/- or approximately USD 108,000/- makes this one of the most ambitious global grants executed by RCME. While this is a large budget project, a lot of thought and effort has gone into also making this one of the most researched and well developed projects of the club.

Principal Sugumar of RKM, expressed the need to set up a state of art CIM lab for the students to learn skills that are not only industry specific but also widely relevant to all or most employees in manufacturing today. This project will not only help 150 skilled students from underprivileged backgrounds graduate with the right training to join the workforce every year, it will also be used to conduct train the trainer programs for internal and external faculties from other Polytechnics. It will also be used for skill enhancement Training modules for Mechanical and Automobile students.  The students of RKM have been placed across the industry with salaries ranging from INR 10,000 to INR 20,000 per month. With the CIM training, we expect even more companies to come for campus placements for these best-in-class trained students and as a consequence, we expect entry level salaries to improve by around 20%.

Taking into account the needs of the project, the list of equipment provided by RKM was vetted with the help of Dr. Mahadevan (VP, India Pistons) who graciously allowed us to work with Mr. Raja Vikkiraman (AVP, India Pistons) to review RKM’s current facilities and to strengthen the joint vision of RKM and RCME by helping us arrive at the best possible CIM lab that could be set up. Rtn. Raghuraman’s advice and help in fine tuning the project’s exact equipment requirements and specifications was invaluable.  Final quotations were vetted from multiple vendors, and the final supplier is from Pune.   Apart from this, 15 desktops and a DVD Writer is also being donated to facilitate this computer integrated learning.

While this was happening on one side, on the other, RCME reached out to Rtn. Harish Murthy from the Rotary Club of Irvine, USA who agreed to be our international partner.

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