RCME-Cognizant Foundation Covid response project

We are very happy to share with you all that we have received a grant of Rs 42.30 lacs credited to our Trust account just now from Cognizant Foundation (CF).

This is in response to a request for proposal from CF to RCME to act as an intermediary NGO for COVID 19 response projects.

With this money we will be donating to Govt Stanley Hospital – 2000 PPEs, 500 boxes of gloves, 20 syringe pumps and 2 battery cars to transport sick patients; and to Govt Medical College Hospital, Omandurar – 2000 PPEs and 1000 boxes of gloves. Both hospitals are designated as COVID treatment hospitals with Omandurar having all 500 beds designated for this.

The team of Dr Vasudha, Srini Rao and IPP RMN 👏👏👏worked together to get the necessary quotations and approvals from CF, especially with a view of value for money in the current scenario of paucity of materials and resources, as well as to meet the strict quality standards set by CF for the products to be donated.

We thank Cognizant Foundation for partnering with RCME for this project and we will strive to execute the project in quick time