RASA is a unique organization which focuses on the holistic development of special individuals through experiences of music, dance, drama, story-telling and arts and crafts. This structured methodology is called ‘Theatre for Holistic Development’ and was developed by RASA’s Founder-Director, Dr. Ambika Kameshwar, after intensive research and successful application. The belief is that every single person is born with tremendous potential and to fulfill a specific purpose and the vision is to unify through theatre arts.

RCME extended it support to RASA by donating Computers, a laptop to help in their content production, a projector, hard disks to archive their 30 year achievements and Rs 50,000 to help is the repair work at one of their centres – a total investment of Rs. 2.70lacs for a very deserving cause.

Ann Lavanya Ananth, spouse of PP Rtn K Ananth, did the honours on 29th March 2019 by handing over the items to RASA. In attendance were Prez RMN, Secy Radhika, Directors Divya, Srini Rao and Swami, Rtn Anita and First Lady Durga.

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