Good number of members in attendance, Lights On…and we all from the word go began to feel the Power of the Speech.

Sandip Sen, the Global CEO of Aegis, who was the speaker for the evening literally lived up to the meaning of the word Power. “The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events”.  It was also evident from the fact that he managed to take his company from Bankruptcy to a Billion dollars with aplomb.

He used a well made Power Point presentation and took us through his journey of triumphs and tribulations in a very humble and a lucid manner. He also touched upon the dynamics of the Business Process Outsourcing market is undergoing along with some insights on the impact of Digital for all us. He called it Digital Darwinism and elucidated it with some very relevant and recent happenings from the world of business.

He was humble and simple and clearly exhibited entrepreneurial characteristics which he said was essential to success. It was evident from the Q&A session that this Power speaker’s session was helpful and most from the audience irrespective of the profession they belonged to had some good take aways.

As always President Ananth called the meeting to order on the dot. Rotarian R Venkatakrishnan the prime mover for the Power speaker series was given the honour to introduce the speaker of the evening. Dr. Ravi, the Chair of the evening closed the session with a nice and appropriately worded Vote of thanks.

Thereafter all the guests and RCMEians gravitated to the East…for keeping up with the spirits and for a delectable Chinese meal.

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