Its raining gold!!! Could you believe this on Aprils fool day?

What’s more fascinating than visiting one of India top gold Jewelry manufacturers, whose name is synonymous with Purity, Quality and Trust .

Around 32 RCMEnians packed in a comfy bus left Chennai at around 5.45 am to Hosur, Karnataka. It was music, dance and laughter all the way. Rtn.Venu has a “gaana” collection in his memory and Rtn.Bala’s melodies took me back to 60’s. He comes so close to me to sing, that I can only see him.

After having a sumptuous breakfast at Murugan Idli Shop , we reached Tanishq factory around noon. A very courteous gentleman,  Mr.Jhonny Dominic gave us a warm welcome and briefed us about the factory. After sipping some hot beverages we were guided to a sprawling conference room where 3 A/V presentations were screened, which showcased their factory infrastructure, safety and the entire jewelry making process. This interesting presentation lasted about 20 minutes, which was followed by QA session. Our members were very eager and ready to shoot several questions, which were answered patiently by Mr.Sanjay, Manager (operations). After a strenuous QA session, which lasted about 30-40 minutes, it was time for lunch!!! The organizers at Tanishq , arranged sumptuous meal . After filling our tummies, the most anticipated moment started, THE FACTORY TOUR of course!!!

At around 3.00 PM, we started off.  After thorough security check, we were let inside. The security with its foolproof system ensures that not even a gold dust can enter or exit. The safety protocol ensures all wore a protective coat, which made us look like lab technicians.

Here is a brief step-by-step process that goes into the making some of the finest jewelry.

It all starts with gning and conceptualizing a jewelry by master artisans which when approved is sent to a more specialized team of designers who fine tune it and add more details using software.

Once the master artisans approve the design, a prototype is made using silver, which is ensured to be perfect in parameters. It is this “Master” that is used for mass production at later stages

A latex mold is made using this master where the contours are precisely cut and shaped.  Later a process called vulcanization is used to make this rubber harder which becomes the “Master mold” to make replicas.

The next interesting part is called Waxing. Here molten wax is poured into the Maser mold using special equipment, a number of replicas are created using this technique. Once the wax mold replicas are ready the master craftsman give it final touches to ensure it adheres to the Master Design. At this stage stones are also embedded in some cases to save production time and cost.

Then comes the process called “ Treeing”, where these wax molds are attached to the trunk, which is nothing but a wax stem for further processing. These “Tree” are later put in some cylindrical shaped metal jars. Water mixed with plaster of Paris like material is poured into this metal jar and kept in some special equipment for few hours. Once the mixture is cooled and settled it is loaded into a furnace that melts the wax and leaves behind the cavities, which is now ready to be filled with gold.

Here comes the most interesting part, Impure gold is melted with other metals such as copper, palladium, cobalt etc in small quantities to make gold more durable and brittle free. Once ready the molten gold is poured into the mold with cavities to make the desired jewelry form, which is then sent for further processing.

We also saw a Variety of machines and equipment, which is used to mint coins/bars, convert gold blocks into sheets, wires, tubes which is later used to make various types of jewelry. Once the basic form of the jewelry is ready it is sent for the stones section for embedding and polishing.

Another interesting part was the creation of “Set” which includes all the necessary components which is used for the final making of the jewelry using a state of the art robot. It was a real delight to see this function very precisely without any manual intervention using barcoding technology.

After this we all went to Mars jewelers whose factory was just few minutes away. After a quick bite of some mouthwatering snacks and hot beverages, we paid full attention to the introduction of the company by their manager. Tanishq outsources some work to Mars who are expertise in the art of jewelry making because of their skilled “Karigars”. Mars has exceptional group of traditional Karigars who come and work from different parts of the country. Mars gives them training and orientation to sharpen their skills. In all we saw about 60-80 Karigars who were creating fine pieces of jewelry with such fine precision and craftsmanship.

Later, at around 6 pm we reached our Luxury Hotel, La Classic. After a much needed small break, we got ready again for the evening’s fellowship. Marigold – a boutique hall gave us the perfect ambience.  I reached a little late, by that time the first drink was over. It was a very pleasant evening with warm and lighthearted people. Mr.Sanjay from Tanshiq obliged to be the guest. As it was Rtn. Govind’s birthday we surprised him with a special cake. Rt,. Vasudha gave a nice birthday speech about Govind. After cake cutting, it was time for cake “face smash “ again by the one and only charismatic Vasudha. Hmm…Govind had this cake all over his cheeks, which he used as facial scrub…yummy!!! Fun, frolic and light music filled everyone’s heart. Indeed a great evening with amazing people, who gave me some insights about RCME.

The next day after breakfast we left for Chennai at about 9.45am taking home these sweet golden memories.

At this point, on behalf of RCME , I would like to thank Rtn. Balaraman (Ballu) for being instrumental in initiating this factory visit . Without you this would not have been possible. Your dedication and guidance truly echoes (literally)

Thanks Srini (he made sure all got their papads), Papa rao (a perfect replacement for tally) and Shiv (our almighty) for organizing this wonderful trip. I also thank one and all for being very warm, courteous and treating me as one among RCME family.

What’s more thrilling than lifting 7 kgs of pure gold with our bare hands!!!

Is not this a golden moment, which will be cherished for years to come?