Technology in the hands of a visionary is always transformational”

Rtn. Surendra, referred to Smt. K Rajeshwari, his mother a bold dynamic lady herself, as an Iron lady in the men’s world around her. When he wanted to celebrate and share her glory, he thought that there could be no better way to honour other deserving women entrepreneurs. This year’s awardee, the deserving lady-entrepreneur, Ms. Sneha Priya, founded  SP Robotics, along with her husband. Ms. Sneha started her entrepreneurial venture right from her third year of college. Today, S.P.Robotic Works has grown into the largest robotics edutainment company – one that has touched more than 50,000 lives.

Sneha in her acceptance speech said “potential is there for every child” – it is the way we teach, and it is the way we engage with them that changes the whole thinking process. At SP Robotics, they wanted every single student to have a brilliant experience and the same experience. Their franchise network has 81 entrepreneurs across India. Interestingly, 40%-50% of them are women and they are making an impact in their localities.

Following Sneha, the chief guest’s speech kept us attentive. Founding CEO of IITM Research Park, Dr. Sandhya Shekhar’s address was truly inspiring. She mentioned that there are two types of people that one comes across in their lives. Type 1 are those who are your cheer leaders and always support you. These are the people that we want to be around. Type 2, on the other hand, are those who are the more critical of you. The way we deal with the Type 2 people is what propels us to overcome hurdles and blockers and move on in life. She thought that technical issues were easier to overcome than people issues;  she went on to say, while your cheer leaders (type-1s) will always be around it’s important to figure a way to deal with the type-2s who can’t wait to criticise you and give you a hard time – you can’t ‘socially distance them’, can you?

She then proceeded to lay out her 3 R hypotheses which she felt is a good strategy to deal with such people.  The three Rs stand for Respect for universal justice – the ability to stand for the right thing and do the right thing. Resilience – the ability to face it and stay in the game and Restraint – the ability to exhibit restraint despite the adversity of the situation. This was such valuable message that resonated with the entire audience.

In all, it turned out to be a very inspiring function with an awesome line up of speakers and a very neatly coordinated one at that!

Finally, a special visitor, Rodeo  the traffic robot that paid us a visit was quite an attraction for all our young annettes and rotarians too.